Production capacity
Presently, we have with us production capacity varying from 20 - 30 tonnes per month that allow us to offer pure honey according to changing seasons. Moreover, our business association with other small beekeepers also help us in delivering products in additional quantities of 7 to 8 tonnes on a monthly basis.
The seasonal chart includes:
September Khair honey, arhar honey, til honey, jowar honey
October Rape honey, eucalyptus honey
November Mustard honey/pollen, eucalyptus honey
December Mustard honey/pollen, eucalyptus honey
January Mustard honey/pollen
February Mustard honey/pollen, eucalyptus honey, coriander honey, saunf honey, coconut honey, rubber honey
March Mustard honey/pollen, eucalyptus honey, multi flower honey, litchie honey, pulm honey, saunf honey, sehjan honey
April Shisham honey, eucalyptus honey, multi flower honey, litchie honey, pulm honey,conander honey, saunf honey
May Sunflower honey, berseem honey, neem honey
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