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Honey & Other Bee Extracting Products
Our rich experience, highly versatile and innovative approach helps us in successfully processing a large variety of honey on the basis of color, pollen content, sugar level, water content and other ingredients as well as manufacturing a range of associated honey processing and making products. Presently, catering to the retail market requirements, the individual enthusiasts and commercial beekeeping, we are meeting the demands of:
Honey Mustard/Rapecomb honey, jamun honey, litchi honey, multi flower honey
Honey bee product Pollen, propolis, propolis (raw), royal Jelly ( in natural form),royal jelly powder
Bee hive Wood Bee Hive, Wood Bee Hive 1, Wood Bee Hive 2, Wood Bee Hive 3, Wood Bee Hive 4, Wood Bee Hive 5, Wood Bee Hive 6, Inner Cover
Bee keeping equipments and tools Cleaning brushes, pollen trap, hive tool, queen excluder, honey extractor
Earth worm and vermicompost Earth worm, vermicompost
Other Products Bee smoker, Bee veil, Beeswax, Comb foundation sheets, Pollen Trap and Vermi-compost & earthworms

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