Natural Bees Wax

Product Details:
  • Brand: Super Bee
  • Pack Size: 100 Grams , 500 Grams & 1 KG

Pure Bees wax is resistant to hydrolysis & natural oxidization. With help of our skilled technicians, we produce pure bees wax that are completely insoluble in water. This contains saturated hydrocarbons, acids or hydroxy-acids, pigments, alcohols that are mostly from pollen and propolis, as well as minute traces of brood & others. Beeswax is commercially used for making fine candles, cosmetics as well as pharmaceuticals including:

  • Bone wax (cosmetics & pharmaceuticals account for 60% of total consumption)
  • Polishing materials (particularly shoe polish and furniture polish)
  • As a component of modelling waxes
  • Used during assembly of pool tables to fill screw holes and seams between slates
  • Squeezebox makers use beeswax as an adhesive which is blended with pine rosin to attach reed plates to structure inside a squeezebox.
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