Wooden Beehives

Product Details:
  • Material: Wooden
  • Size: 100 gm

Bee hives are available with us in Seasonal wood, Toon wood & Kail wood. We mainly deal in Apis mellifera bee hives, we also make Cerena Indica bee hive on order. Different kinds of bee hive like Nucleus bee hive, Transportation bee hive, Queen mating bee hive, Bee hive with super & shallow super, miniature bee hive are available with us. We also supply different parts of bee hive individually.

We also supply healthy Apis Mellifera bee colonies with queen bee.




Inner Covers For Beehive

Product Details:
  • Make/Brand: Hi Tech Natural Products

Inner covers for beehives offered by us deflect draft of air yet embodies ventilation channel that connects top-center volume of upper brood chamber with outside atmosphere. Our precision designed inner beehive cover also provides necessary ventilation while preventing draft to pass through the beehive.


It finds usage in:


  • Summer season where solid inner cover with communication hole provides dead air space for insulation against heat & cold
  • Prevents bees from gluing top cover to top bars of super under it

Queen Cages

Product Details:
  • Brand: Hi-tech Natural Products (India) ltd.

Our Queen cages have less work to prepare, cost less to ship, easy to place in hive, and have improved acceptance. Queen Gate and Cage offered by us are made from best raw material and are made available at competitive prices
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